Friday, April 1, 2011

Daddy's Work

We have had some funny discussions recently about Daddy's work..
One day when Bobby was leaving for work after lunch....
Brynlee: "Where you going?"
Bobby: "I have to go back to work."
Brynlee (to me in the most concerned way as she patted my arm): "aww, Daddy's got to go to work, Im sorry Mommy!"

I promise I am not sad all day when Bobby is at work! haha

another day...
Me to Bryn: "Do you know where Daddy works?"
Bryn: "umm, at the Zoo!" (after rolling with laughter)
Me: "No, baby, he works at church."
Bryn: "(laughter) Oh, That is SO silly!"
The zoo might not be That far from the truth! haha ;)

a few days later..
Me: "So Bryn, where does Daddy work?"
Bryn: "At church!... just like ME!"
haha apparently she takes her roll at church very seriously! ;)

I can understand how it would be weird for a toddler to understand that her Daddy actually works at the church that she goes to every Sun & Wed. Brynlee says some of the funniest things & always has us laughing. I am going to follow a friend's idea & try to post these every once in awhile!


  1. Yes! Please do! Kid quotes are the best.

  2. That's too funny!! Thanks for sharing :)