Friday, April 1, 2011

Daddy's Work

We have had some funny discussions recently about Daddy's work..
One day when Bobby was leaving for work after lunch....
Brynlee: "Where you going?"
Bobby: "I have to go back to work."
Brynlee (to me in the most concerned way as she patted my arm): "aww, Daddy's got to go to work, Im sorry Mommy!"

I promise I am not sad all day when Bobby is at work! haha

another day...
Me to Bryn: "Do you know where Daddy works?"
Bryn: "umm, at the Zoo!" (after rolling with laughter)
Me: "No, baby, he works at church."
Bryn: "(laughter) Oh, That is SO silly!"
The zoo might not be That far from the truth! haha ;)

a few days later..
Me: "So Bryn, where does Daddy work?"
Bryn: "At church!... just like ME!"
haha apparently she takes her roll at church very seriously! ;)

I can understand how it would be weird for a toddler to understand that her Daddy actually works at the church that she goes to every Sun & Wed. Brynlee says some of the funniest things & always has us laughing. I am going to follow a friend's idea & try to post these every once in awhile!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Brielle Peyton!

Brielle Peyton Catt, March 30, 2010 cannot possibly have been a year ago!

You were a big surprise to Mommy & Daddy, but the best surprise we have ever had! :)

You have such a sweet, laid-back disposition. You love to smile & interact with the world. It is only fitting then that your first word was "Hi!" And, you say it in the sweetest tone with so much inflection.

You often wrinkle up your nose when you are laughing or smiling! It is SO cute!

You also know you are cute & will often cock your head to one side when people say sweet things to you! :)

You never meet a stranger! Whenever we go out to eat I can hardly feed you because you turn all around in your chair to make sure you see & interact with everyone around you. We cant go anywhere without getting at least 5 "oh, she is such a happy", "so social", or "so cute!" :)

You also hold things up to your ear & say "OH".. as in "hello." Guess we get a lot of phone calls in our world! haha

You have a deep attachment to your "lovie" blanket from Aunt Becca... we never leave home without that thing! Mommy calls it your "magic blankie" cause it can calm you &/or make you fall asleep in an instant.

You also love your paci's, but unlike your sissy, you dont care what kind of paci it is! Again, you are such an easy baby!

Your second clear word was "ouch." And, you say this when you hit toys together, drop something, or if something actual hurts you or someone else!

You say something that I think sounds like "sis" but its kinda more like "sissssss" It would not surprise me if that is what you are saying. You love your big sister! And, you always want to be a part of whatever she is doing! Some of my proudest moments have been watching you two love on each other!

Like your sister, you have always been so easy to put down for naps & at bedtime. Daddy says you both get your love of sleep from him! :) Im not sure how long you actually sleep cause so often I go in your room in the morning or after a nap & you are just quietly standing in your bed smiling. I love the big smiles you give in the mornings!

You Love dancing to music! If you hear any song, tune, or jingle you immediately start swaying, boucing, or shaking your booty! You have had us rolling in laughter so many times! :)

You love to Eat! Though, you dont have much to show for it in your small frame!

Happy FIRST Birthday to our littlest cupcake!!

We love you SO much!! :) :)