Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

My mom, sister & her girls got to stay through Monday because Leasha had the day off! We decided to go to Unidad Park to play & then have a little picnic! This was our Memorial Day...
Playin in the castle with cousins Emalee & Kaylee...

Such sweet cousins! :)

Brynlee loves her "kay-kay" & "emi"...

Must get a pic under the San Angelo sign! :)
Brielle having "fun in the sun!" (aka shade! haha)

Our little family picnic! It was Hot, but it felt nice in the shade with a cool breeze!

Daddy & daughter gettin their grub on...

Must also get a pic on one of the "famous sheep!" :)

We had planned to feed the ducks, but they had fun throwin bread off the bridge to the turtles below instead!
After the park, my Mom & Sis had to leave.. so Bobby & I decided to set up the pool again. And, I decided it was time for Brielle to put her swimsuit on for the first time! I thought the water was too cold for her to enjoy.. but, we got a pic in the swimsuit anyway!...

Her "sports center" slide is a perfect slide into the pool!

She LOVES her little pool!

Playing with play-doh & saying "CHEESE!" Too bad it makes her look like shes in pain when she says it! haha :)

It was a Great Memorial Day 2010! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ladybug, Ladybug You're Turning Two!

We had Brynlee's 2nd Birthday party at our house this year. The theme was Ladybugs. I was so excited to find some cute decor with "2" still incorporated. It felt like we Just had her first birthday!! Man, how quickly she is growing up!!

These are her little "ladybug treats" for all her friends!

The decorated table... I cut out black circles & taped them to the table to make it look like a ladybug, it was really cute- but you cant see the table with all the stuff on it! haha Oh well.. at least I knew it was there! :)

A table setting...

Brynlee waiting for her friends to show up...

Perfect ladybug clippies made by Janet ( & perfect Ladybug shirt made by Aunt Becca ( you can see pics of the front of the shirt in pics to follow.. SO cute!! Thanks ladies!! :)

YAY for bubbles!!

She Loved the "bubble station" that Daddy set up!

Catching the bubbles...

Daddy did a Great job setting up the backyard.. there was a wagon (aka train ride), bubble station, play-doh station, chalk station, slide, car, & lots of balls & other toys!

Little sis liked it best snoozing in the shade! :)

Her new laptop from Mommy & Daddy.. she did Not want to move on to open more presents after this one! haha

She was laughing saying "Pull, Pull!"

Getting ready for cake & ice cream!!

We had to be quick to get a pic with her hat on. She didnt like the stap under her chin! But- it was cute while it lasted! :)

Not sure what to think about everyone singing to Her!

Her cake was from Sams & Very yummy.. not exactly how I wanted it decorated.. but, yummy none-the-less! :)

Cake & ice cream... what more could a girl ask for?! ;)

Yum, yum, yum...

Sweet friends! :) ...

Theres a party goin on round here...

My little ladybug :)

Play-doh station on her new table from Nana & Grandad! (notice the men playing washers in the background.. it might be a little red-neck that we have washers set up in our backyard, but- ITS FUN! hehe)

Telling her friends byebye....

After the party ended.. we had lunch & then a nap.. and then we busted out the pool! Hap-Hap had a great time splashing with her in the water! :)

Pool time with the cousins!... & Hap-Hap :)

Family pic of Bobby with his uncle Chuck, Aunt Cheryl & Dad (Hap-Hap).

Family pic of all of my side of the family. I was SO glad that all our family made the long drive to come to the party. It was a Great day!! :)

Look for Brynlee's official birthday (6-9-10) post coming soon!... :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Brynlee's First Haircut!

We decided it was time to get rid of Brynlee's "baby mullet." Soo, we took her to a hair salon to get her first haircut! I was very resistant to cutting her now long hair, but- there was no shape or style to the length- so.. it was time.

Here is the "before" shot...

I had to sit in the chair with Brynlee... she was pretty nervous!

Luckily Mommy had some Skittles in the diaper bag!! :)

Still not quite sure about this lady touching her hair! haha

Getting it done...

After Melanie finished, we told Brynlee how beautiful she looked... and then she started posing... :)

At this point she even wanted to sit in the chair herself!

Skittles & a haircut, what more could a girl want?!

The "after" shot. It looks so much thicker & healthier! And, hopefully this will help it grow faster! :)

Mommy's baby girl is growing up quick!! :-O