Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

My mom, sister & her girls got to stay through Monday because Leasha had the day off! We decided to go to Unidad Park to play & then have a little picnic! This was our Memorial Day...
Playin in the castle with cousins Emalee & Kaylee...

Such sweet cousins! :)

Brynlee loves her "kay-kay" & "emi"...

Must get a pic under the San Angelo sign! :)
Brielle having "fun in the sun!" (aka shade! haha)

Our little family picnic! It was Hot, but it felt nice in the shade with a cool breeze!

Daddy & daughter gettin their grub on...

Must also get a pic on one of the "famous sheep!" :)

We had planned to feed the ducks, but they had fun throwin bread off the bridge to the turtles below instead!
After the park, my Mom & Sis had to leave.. so Bobby & I decided to set up the pool again. And, I decided it was time for Brielle to put her swimsuit on for the first time! I thought the water was too cold for her to enjoy.. but, we got a pic in the swimsuit anyway!...

Her "sports center" slide is a perfect slide into the pool!

She LOVES her little pool!

Playing with play-doh & saying "CHEESE!" Too bad it makes her look like shes in pain when she says it! haha :)

It was a Great Memorial Day 2010! :)


  1. I love your blog! I am enjoying all the pictures.

  2. Thanks Kristie! I probably wont always have so many, but- some big event lately! :)