Friday, June 11, 2010

Our first Real Swim of the Summer

Some friends from church have told us we can come use their pool when they are at work &/or out of town anytime we want! Great friends to have! hehe :)

So- since Bobby had Thurs off, we decided to take advantage of the offer. We got there about 11am & stayed til about 2. We had stopped by Subway on the way there, so we had a little picnic poolside. By 2pm Brynlee was More than ready for a nap! :)

Here are some pics from our relaxing Thurs...

I decided to let Brielle get her footsies a little wet & try "swimming" for the first time. Here is what she thought about it... haha

So, Brielle enjoyed the rest of our time there relaxing/snoozing under their covered patio. There was a very nice breeze & they have a patio fan, so she wasnt too hot. And, she is just a really laid-back baby... she only cried once when she was hungry (besides the whole "swimming" episode! :)

Brynlee's fave game was to throw all the toys in the pool and have us "fetch" them! haha I love her little ruffly swimsuit booty! hehe ... :)

She did Not want to take her "fip-bops" (aka flip-flops) off, even when she was swimming in the pool! She, like her Mommy, loves her flip-flops!
Someone from church gave Brielle this hat & it just happened to match Brynlee's old baby swimsuit perfectly (& I must add the plug, that Brielle DOES get new clothes of her own from time to time.. but, clearly shes not gonna be swimming much this season! haha) :)
I love that I can get her to laugh so easily now! She is a Really happy baby! :)
I can Not get enough of this face!! :-D

Im sure there are going to be many more days like this throughout this summer. I did learn One lesson from this day... get your husband to apply sunscreen to your back- because clearly, you did Not do a good job! haha Can we say- sunburn?!? :-O

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